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Arab Canadians come from all of the countries of the Arab world. According to the 2011 Census there were 380,620 Canadians who claimed Arab ancestry. According to the 2011 Census there were 661,750 Canadians who claimed full or partial ancestry from an Arabic-speaking country.The large majority of the Canadians of Arab origin population live in either Ontario or Quebec. For more information about Canadian Arab click Here

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Using bad nick names or Posting any offensive or sexual messages of any kind. This includes: profanity, disgusting or violent situations, insults/harrassment of chatters, hentai, sexual orientation, sexy pics, sexual symbols (especially symbols that represent male or female body parts), or any kind of *naughty* talk. (and using spaces, symbols or creative spelling to try to hide those words is not fooling anyone And you will be permanently banned from the chat room. Arab chat Canada is built on respect among all users

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