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In the 2001 census, 248,807 Australian residents reported Arab ancestry. Additionally, 209,372 Australians indicated that they spoke Arabic at home. 162,283 Australian residents were born in one of the 22 Arab League nations, a proportion which represented 0.8% of Australia's population. 120,000 Australians also had a parent who was born in an Arab state. The most common countries of origin for Arab Australians were Lebanon (71,349), Egypt (33,432) and Iraq (24,832). Of these, a further 89,021 had a Lebanese-born parent and 10,296 had an Egyptian-born parent. Additionally, Australia is a major tourist destination for people from the United Arab Emirates, with 14,000 Emiratis entering the country each year. There is also an Emirati international student community of between 1,200 and 2,000 pupils. According to the AHRC, most Australian residents born in Arab nations are citizens of Australia. The citizenship take-up rate is highest among the earlier settlers, who have been established longer. 91.6% of Egypt-born residents were Australian citizens, followed by immigrants born in Lebanon (91.3 %), Syria (86.2%), Somalia (70.1%), and Iraq (68.1%). For more information about arab in australia click Here